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    Welcome to Branded Content Studios, a digital video content creation agency focused on entertaining, engaging and attracting consumers for brands worldwide. Located in the heart of Louisiana-Hollywood South, we are bringing decades of movie making experience to the Digital Video Entertainment arena. Branded Content Studios is a division of ORWO Studios, and independent film & TV production company.


    Branded Content Studios (BCS) was created for brands to tell compelling stories while captivating audiences and creating invaluable awareness.

    From year-long comprehensive digital campaigns to stand alone vignettes, we will connect your brand with key target audiences through short form video content.

    Powerful videos trigger emotional reactions with consumers, leading to strong brand alliances and incremental sales.

  • Content Services

    Concept Development

    Content Creation

    Video Direction

    Video Production

    Editing, Finishing, Formatting

    Campaign Creation

    Production & Management

    Viral Marketing Engagement

    Louisiana Tax Credit Rebate

  • What Is Branded Content?

    With consumers increasingly tuning out advertisements of all shapes and sizes, Branded Content has become a necessity for effective advertising and marketing campaigns.

    Branded Content is Digital Video Entertainment created specifically for brands, designed to cut through the clutter of overcrowded media landscapes while connecting withaudiences on an emotional level.

    Branded Content brings relevant value to consumers, grabbing their attention and driving real engagement with products and services. With dynamic video content telling the story, your brand becomes the center of cultural conversations by your target audience.

  • Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and similar platforms offering mostly ad-free experiences have caused a seismic shift in global viewership. Television viewing has declined by over 37% in the 12-34 category, with a 42% decline in the coveted 18-24 segment.

    Whether a new or an established brand, consistently reaching these key demographics is critical for survival. With ad-blocking also on the rise across mobile as well as digital platforms, Branded Content will soon be the most effective avenue for reaching and engaging audiences of all ages.

  • Does It Work?

    In a study by Turner Ignite, viewers of Branded Content were 62% more likely to show a positive reaction compared with those who watched: 30 seconds ads.

    Emotional experience increased 31% while traditional commercials stayed flat. In addition, over 67% of participants thought Branded Content was more entertaining, more relevant and more likely to make them think of the advertised brand at the time of purchase.

    Furthermore, Branded Content watchers rated the featured brand 57% more favorable, and when asked about their intent to purchase, 17% said
    they were “very likely to buy the products featured. In conclusion: Branded Content makes people happy (62%), happy people remember your brand (67%), happy people who remember your brand will purchase your products (17%).

  • World Class Filmmaker Team

    With a “Who’s Who” stable of directors, producers, celebrities and executives, your content creation and production will be in the hands of top Hollywood talent, bringing “Movie Magic” to Madison Avenue!

    We will work with your marketing team to create compelling and impactful content that will define your brand, inspire consumers, evoke emotion and create equity while increasing sales.

  • ORWO Studios

    ORWO Studios is a carefully crafted creative environment and the ideal place for film and television productions in the heart of Louisiana: quiet, focused, with excellent accommodations!

    The Magnificent Seven, Blaze, Maze
    Runner, Breaking The Bank, Twilight and Born To Be Blue are some of the projects we’ve produced and/or hosted at ORWO over the years.

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    Branded Content Studios, LLC
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